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advanced “all laser” technology

Dr. Boone and Eye Surgical are proud to offer the latest in laser vision correction with the LenSx and WaveLight lasers. This advanced "all laser" technology allows the entire LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) procedure to be performed without a surgical blade.

There are a number of pre-operative tests we feel are necessary to make the procedure as safe and effective as possible, and for the patient to attain the best possible visual outcome. All patients undergo a complete eye examination including dilation of the pupil. Refraction, corneal topography, and pachymetry are standard tests performed. A WaveLight Topolyzer VARIO map of the eye is combined with other refractive data to create a custom laser treatment for each patient.

The LASIK procedure is performed at Noble Surgery Center, located on the west side of the Eye Surgical office complex. After taking a sedative pill to calm nerves and numbing eye drops, the procedure is performed in a state-of-the-art operating room. The procedure begins with the LenSx Femtosecond laser making a thin flap on the cornea. This is folded back to allow access to the inner tissue of the cornea. The WaveLight Excimer Laser is then used to reshape the cornea with either a Wavefront Optimized or CONTOURA pattern based upon each patient’s unique measurements. The LASIK flap is then repositioned, thus completing the approximate 20 minute procedure.

Many patients enjoy a dramatic improvement in vision and can see a clock on the wall at the surgery center that only moments before was not possible. Resting the eyes for most of the day after surgery is recommended to minimize the mild "scratchy" sensation. The visual recovery from LASIK is quite rapid.  If fact, most patients are able to drive themselves to their post-operative appointment the following morning. Eye drops are used to help the healing process. Eye shields are worn when sleeping for one week, but otherwise there are not many limitations after surgery. Follow-up visits pertaining to the surgery are complementary for 1 month.

Many studies have found that >96% of patients can see 20/20 or better after LASIK. Thus, most patients enjoy a dramatic decrease in their dependency on distance glasses. However, anyone over age 40 will likely need reading glasses. LASIK is very safe, but no surgery is without risk. The most common problem we encounter after LASIK is dryness of the eyes, which typically resolves within 3 months.

Excellent all the way around.

Sharran B.

For a detailed illustration of the procedures mentioned above, watch the videos below.

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